No.1 Real Life Dating: Virtual dating is for those who want to keep themselves secret from others. It's probably not for the people like you who want to enjoy their life with real persan.

Here you can arrange a meeting with a human who has the same kind of taste like you. Not only that, you can target your comfort zone to pick a human (Male/Female) for dating within your known place such as your favourite coffee shop. For that, we will supply you the necessary information about your chosen person that both of you can talk over the phone before you meet each other's. Acceptance of offer will be totally depended both on you.

No.2 Paid Personal Human: Here you can hire people or get hired by the people to complete different kinds of personal tasks such as personal body massage boy/girl, personal party friend, travel companion, dancer, travel guide, etc. It's 100% secure and cost effective, entertaining thing for the common people like you. Your identity will be secure at any cost.

If you want to get hired by the people, you need to set your bidding amount while creating your profile. The member can also decline an offer if he/she feels uncomfortable with client. But, it may cause a little plenty from his/her next assignment.

If you want to hire people for your personal issue then, you have to pay his/her bidding cost to the before the task start. And, you have to take care of his/her security at any cost.

No.3 He for Her: It's our most popular service. We have a huge female fan of real together across India who really like to spend time with naughty independent men. This type of service not so much popular in India till now. But, its demand is huge. If you are an open minded guy and want to make yourself available to her then it's the perfect place for you. We have two types of female clients-

a) Who hire men and spend money on him!

b) Who hire men without spending money!

But, for some unknown reason, we are receiving huge client list of (a) type of female who like to spend on men. It might be for their security reason.

You only just remember two things- 1) You should never carry any recording devices with you while you are with your client. 2) Never share any personal information with any clients. To join call our executives now.